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Picture Frame Equipment Made in the USA

You can find the best mounting equipment, fitting equipment, saws and  v-nailmachines  all at Frameware Inc.! We can provide you with the right equipment for easy picture frame assembly and all of your frame-fitting needs. Equipment we offer includes underpinner, cardboard and glass cutters machines, canvas stretching equipment, dry mount presses and much more! When you purchase framing equipment from Frameware Inc., you’re getting quality equipment that will last you a lifetime. Listed below is some of our featured picture framing equipment.

Join Rite CanvasStretcher  

Is a mechanical canvas stretching machine. This machine creates quality canvas gallery wraps without the pain an effort of pliers. Mounts easily to a work table or optional stand. Available in 36 or 60 inch units.

Frameware Saber ASM-400

Pneumatic saw-tooth insertion machine.This machine improves the speed and accuracy of your production time when installing saw-tooth hangers. Flawless performance with all frame substrates including polystyrene, soft and hard woods.An excellent machine for mass production.

D&K Heat Activated Mechanical Dry Mount Press 500TX

Dry mount press for the for the everyday framer. This press will mount black & white, color photos, graphics, posters or other oversized artwork. Engineered to require minimum maintenance with durable framework and built to last construction.

MN14 Fletcher Double Mitre Saw

The MN14 is a double mitre saw designed to cut accurate 45-degree mitre joints in picture-framing applications. The MN14 has no problem cutting through wood, plastic, aluminum, medium-density fiberboard and a host of other materials, making it the perfect saw. Designed with the operator in mind, the saw blades are easy to change, with access doors on each side, and a large dust collection area to keep your feet free from waste.

Maxit Adhesive System

Maxit Adhesive Systems combine roller coaters with unique hot melt adhesives to provide a permanent bond to all surfaces. The motorized roller coater automatically warms up in 55 minutes, running your print through with a smooth, even coating. No mess, no clean-up!

Shop Picture Framing Equipment

Are you in need of picture framing equipment? Shop at Frameware Inc. for the best framing equipment and quality customer service. If you would like more information on pricing and our different types of equipment, please contact us by calling our sales office at 1-800-582-5608. 

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