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Mounting Products

High Quality Picture Frame Mounting Products 

Need to mount your artwork? You can find the best mounting products at Frameware Inc. As an industry pioneer, you can trust us at Frameware Inc. to provide you with high quality supplies. We have a large selection of mounting products, including graphic display boards, foam boards, hinging tape, dry mount tissue, and more. Listed below are some of our featured mounting products.

Archival Mounting Strips

Archival mounting strips are used for safe, hingeless mounting of artwork to mats. These sturdy mounting strips from Lineco are made from quality Archival Polyester and acid-free paper – complete with a self-adhesive backing strip. Simply position the print or photograph in placer and stick the strips to the mat. Don’t worry! None of the adhesive will even come in contact with your print or artwork.

Abaca.sa Hinging Tape

Abaca.sa is a self-adhesive hinging tape that incorporates the strength and supple nature of Abaca paper (manila hemp) along with a permanent, strong acrylic adhesive. This self-hinging tape is strong enough to hold large digital prints, and flexible enough to stick to the print without distorting it.

Encore® Bienfang White Foam Board

Don’t sacrifice excellence! White foam boards are the perfect foundation for mounting projects that require color clarity. Our unique white clay-coated foam board is lightweight and rigid, offering an ultra-smooth finish. With its resilient polystyrene core, it bounces back easily after handling, cutting, or mounting to keep the board uniform from edge to edge.

With EnCore® Permanent Pressure Sensitive Foam Board, presentations will be easy and professional, without messy glues, sprays or expensive mounting equipment. Self-Adhesive Foam Board presentations will be professional and flawless, without messy glues, sprays or expensive mounting equipment.

Bright White Acid-Free Foam Board is whiter than the whites you’ve used before. As a result, it dramatically enhances colors of any artwork.
Its pH between 7.7 and 8.5 calcium carbonate buffer prevents acid migration from the foam board that would cause irreparable damage to the paper items being mounted.

Single Step heat activated fomecore

The board is coated on one side with a heat-activated adhesive for mounting at a low temperature forming a smooth, permanent bond. SingleStep speeds up the mounting process by eliminating the time consuming measuring, cutting, and tacking of dry mounting tissue. Art bonds in minutes at a safe operating temperature of 180°F. It’s “Memory” Core bounces back after handling or cutting. Lower heat and pressure activate the specially formulated adhesive for risk-free bonding


It’s deep black polystyrene core is sandwiched between a smooth surface layer of acid-free papers to create the deepest, richest, black paper and foam available. From front to back and edge to edge, our Black-On- Black Foam Board is smooth and solid black through the core.

Frame Sealing Tape

Our frame sealing tape by Lineco is a pressure sensitive, acid-free paper that is laminated to foil in order to help seal the back of your frame and keep moisture out before mounting. Developed specifically to seal backing board to frames, this pressure sensitive tape attaches firmly to almost any surface and conforms well to most surface abnormalities.

Multi-Purpose Holder Mount

Frame the unusual easily with Mighty Mounts’ Multi-Purpose Mount. These sturdy plastic mounting brackets hold a variety of items firmly in place. Simply place three or more of these holders around the object you want to mount for a secure fit. The multi-purpose holder comes in two sizes to accommodate both small and large items.


adhesive tissues are specifically developed for challenging mounting applications to wood and other substrates often encountered in the plaque market.BREATHABLE liner is the key to this tissue. It prevents bubbling with fome core and slick surface mounts. ColorMount® begins bonding when processed under heat (175 F – 200 F), which provides immediate adhesion between the print and substrate.

Buffermount Drymount Tissue

An acid freebuffered tissue coated on both sides with a low temperature acid-free adhesive.

Fusion 4000®

is a clear, pure adhesive without a carrier film. This adhesive conforms around free-form shapes and can be processed or reversed multiple times ....Great thing about this film is that it can be used to splice odd sized mounting. Great for thin and light item because it is pure adhesive.

Beinfang Finish Guard Laminating Film a.k.a. Print Guard

Use on artwork to protect surfaces from UV rays. Easy to use, with a clear, low-tack adhesive coating on one side. Durable, lightweight alternative to glass.  Available in several finishes from gloss to matte to ultra matte to canvas.  It is a laminating film. 1.5" core

Shop for High Quality Mounting Products

Mount your frames with ease at Frameware Inc. What sets us apart from our competitors? You can trust us to provide you with the highest quality of framing supplies and mounting products in the industry with top-notch customer service. We always have the supply for your demand, and with a fast turnaround, we make shipping a breeze! If you would like more information on pricing and our different types of products, please do not hesitate to contact us today.


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