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Metal Moulding

Metal Picture Frame Hardware Made in the USA

You can find the best metal picture frame hardware at Frameware Inc.! Metal frame hardware we offer includes tapped angles, back plates, spring clips, hangers and so much more! We also offer convenient metal moulding kits for easy frame assembly. When you purchase metal picture frame hardware from Frameware, you can be assured that you’ll receive quality hardware every time you order. Listed below is some of our featured metal frame hardware!


Also called a “corner,” a tapped corner angle is an L-shaped piece of flat metal used to construct metal frames. Once it’s inserted into the track at the back of the frame leg, the corner angle’s screws are tightened to hold the frame corners together. A convenient Philips/Slot Combo head screw allows for easy assembly no matter what tools are available.  Requires a back plate.

Heavy Weight Retainer Clip

Framing and hanging heavy-duty pictures can be difficult if you don’t have the right materials. A heavy weight retainer clip is mounted at the corners of the frame or along the sides of a back-loading picture frame, helping serve as means for hanging a heavy piece. Made of resilient material, you’ll want this clip for all of your metal framing needs.

448S – European Hanger

Hang metal picture frames right the first time with our European Hangers.  You’ll securely hang your pictures, mirrors, and canvases in no time!

Metal Moulding Bulk Packs

Invest in a bulk pack of incredibly durable and high-quality metal mouldings. Our metal moulding bulk packs come with everything you need, all including a back plate angle, tapped corner angle, wide metal spring, and bumpers to protect your walls. You can choose from bulk packs including the type of hanger you want such as the Euro hanger, snapped in recess hanger, aluminum screw hanger, L shape hanger,  or snap hanger. The choice is yours at Frameware!

Order Metal Picture Frame Hardware Online

Frameware is committed to framing the future in metal! With our metal picture frame hardware, you can make your metal frames stand out and last a lifetime. Order online or contact us today for more information on our metal frame hardware.


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