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Picture Frame Tape & Adhesives

With so many different tapes and applications, it can be confusing to find what you’re looking for. At Frameware Inc., we can help you understand the differences so you can choose the right tape or adhesive for your framing project. Listed below are different tapes that we offer to give you a better idea of what type of tape you should be shopping for.

3M Adhesive Transfer Tape

Adhesive transfer tape is known for its high initial tack and secure, long-lasting bond. Often double-sided, it’s great for adhering, bonding, and mounting. It also works great on a variety of surfaces, including plastic. At Frameware Inc., we offer a wide selection of the finest 3M adhesive transfer tapes for all of your taping needs.

Archival ATG Tape

ATG tape, or adhesive transfer gun tape, is a permanent, double-sided high tack adhesive. It’s ideal for mounting artwork and other applications where a permanent bond is preferred. In order to use this type of tape, you need an adhesive transfer gun, where the tape is threaded around the roller at the nose of the gun – adhesive side out.

Acid Free Artist Tape – FW920

FW920 Artist Tape is a PH neutral, white flatback paper tape great for splicing foam boards, joining miters, reinforcing fillet to boards, and masking. Its clean removal adhesive does not leave any residue and is repositionable.

Framer’s Tape – FW931

FW931 Framer’s Tape is the most popular hand tearable, acid free tape on the market. This polyethylene cloth tape is great for hinging or matting artwork and photographs, and will not stain or leave residues over time. Because it is hand tearable, it can easily be torn into strips to make “T” hinges for framing.

Framer’s Tape Too

Check out this new tape arrival! A versatile combination of durability, Framer’s Tape Too offers convenience and safety. This pH neutral adhesive is pressure sensitive, tacky, and easily removable. The non-absorbent backing is strong, easy to handle, and is the most economical choice for a conscious professional.

Self-Adhesive Linen Hinging Tape

This linen hinging tape from Lineco is best used for joining the edges of boxes, hinging album pages, and adding finishing touches to the edges of boards. Its very fine linen cloth is flexible yet strong, and comes in three low luster finishes.

Frameware brand ATG Tapes. 

A reverse wound ATG tape on a 1” plastic core to fit all standard ATG Dispensers. The are available in ½”x 36yd rolls as well as ½”x 60yd rolls.  Used to join mat boards, splicing and mounting applications.  Equivalent to 3M-No.924 at half the price.  Also available in a 5mil super sticky ATG tape. Equivalent to 3M-No.969 its extremely high adhesion is great for foam, fabric, metal or plastic applications.  Also ideal for joining material with irregular or textured surfaces. Frameware ATG tapes are also available in a hand held 3” core version on a 60 yard roll.

Acid free needlework tape and or stitchery tape.  

For permanently holding down stretched needlework to boards, fomecore, etc. Eliminates, pins, staples., tacks and glue. Needlework tape is very thin and clears so even the finest fabric can be mounted without fear. Available in an 1 ½”x 60yd roll.

Kraft paper tape

A brown flatback kraft paper tape that is used to close up the back of frames it can be used with or without kraft paper.  Its light brown color matches kraft paper for backing boards.  It is hand tearable and printable.

Acid free masking tape #796

A light duty masking tape .  Great splicing and general purpose tape that will not dry out like normal masking tape.

EHB tape

An extra high bond tape double sided tape equivalent to 3M-VHB tape. Available in ½” and ¾” x 36yd rolls.

Frameware Heavy Duty Carton Sealing tape

 A polyprolene tape with excellent strength water resistant and equivalent to 3M No.375 at half the price.

LINECO Archival Tapes.

Frameware carries all types of hinging tapes from Gummed Linen Hinging tapes, Self Adhesive Linen Hinging Tape, Frame Sealing tapes, Volura Rabbet tape, ABACA tape and Tyvek Tapes.Filmoplast by Neschen sets the standard for all Archival tapes.  Following the guidelines of the Library of Congress this Acid Free, Archival tape is available in Filmoplast P90, Filmoplast SH, Filmoplast S and Filmoplast P90 Plus.

Tape & Adhesives Available Online

If you’re in need of tape for picture framing or mounting, shop online at Frameware Inc. We offer a wide selection of tapes and adhesives for your convenience. If you have any questions about our available tapes, please contact us today! We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have and guide you in choosing the right tape for you. 

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